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Products and Services

Airtech's geospatial products and services are used throughout Australia as a critical decision support tool. Create new efficiencies across your organisation; improve the effectiveness of project management whilst boosting operational capability. Our current products and services are available below,  please watch this space for an exciting new product, coming soon!

Aerial Photography

  1.  Orthophotos (orthorectified and georeferenced imagery)
  2.  Thermal and Infrared orthophotos
  3.  Tactical Mapping On Demand (TMOD)
  4.  Rapid Mapping - 24 hr turnaround (Download our Flyer)


  •  Technical, Customer Service and Project Management
  •  Post project / Special requests: (Raw data can be used as evidence).

       Photogrammetric Solutions

  1. Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  2. Digital Terrain Models (DTM) / Break Lines
  3. Volume calculation analysis
  4. 3D modelling and  simulation
  5. Anaglyphs
  6. Line of sight analysis

Dramatically reduce the number of site visitations across your business and monitor projects, assets and infrastructure remotely from the safety of your computer- saving time, money and reducing your organisations opportunity costs and carbon footprint. Airtech's clients enjoy reliable, professional service and competitive priced, quality geospatial products and solutions, complimented by the following benefits:

  • Superior quality and clarity of imagery (Samples)
  • 5cm to 35cm resolution (GSD) options
  • Fast capture, processing and delivery times
  • Compliant with your spatial accuracy specifications
  • Reselling and distribution permitted (IP provided)
  • No size restrictions for your project
  • Unique mobilization
  • Rapid deployment
  • Convenient data formats and delivery
  • Quality assured and risk management certified
  • Free technical and customer support
 Please click on the links for additional information for:     Government and Commercial       Mining and Forestry Industries       

Emergency Services, Compliance and Law Enforcement      Samples - Thermal Case Studies -  Volume Calculation Analysis Information

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